Upload images and other files efficiently

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The Context

We’ll use a CDN provider API. I choose…

And how to extend the solution to Android and iOS

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The Context

We’ll use the ws library, not the more popular Socket.io. That’s mainly because we feel Socket.io …

Opening a window to (re)discovering a city. That was the goal of the Paris Parcours app and technology. Photo by Isaiah Bekkers on Unsplash

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S’appuyer sur le contenu et le réel, mais aussi l’alimenter en retour

Dans l’industrie du jeu vidéo, plusieurs grands succès, notamment les jeux de tir, ne s’embarrassent pas de scénarios élaborés mais compensent par la prouesse technique, la jouabilité, une forme d’immersion non narrative. Les mécaniques de gamification ont des buts différents : elles existent par rapport au réel, pour faciliter l’appropriation d’un message, d’une connaissance, l’accomplissement d’une action, améliorer une expérience de découverte ou de consommation.

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How to tackle Vue.js reactivity caveats ?

Modern JavaScript framework do an amazing job to ease the development of reactive apps. Yet JavaScript itself, as a language, has limitations so there is only so…

Building right. Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

How to handle Vue.js components ?

Writing a bloated component is pretty…

Let’s get organized ! Photo by Gabriel Beaudry on Unsplash

How to organize code, name files and write simple, readable, intuitive code, under good coding guidelines ?

Folder structure

Make no mistake, there are many ways to set up a good folder structure, so the following one is by no means the only possible one. …

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Let’s dive into getting in production and go further ! Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

How to deploy in production ?

Configuration files

Before deploying in production, you have to differentiate your dev, test and prod

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